BeerMenus is a website and app that serves as the go-to craft beer marketplace where over 6.7 million beer lovers and 45,849 beer retailers meet. They drive craft beer growth by making craft beer more available and accessible – whether you’re looking to buy or sell craft beer, BeerMenus can help you.

My responsibilities have included:

Additional Notes

My recommendation to the team was to implement a hex code input in the print menus dashboard to allow less tech-savvy customers to customize their print menus to match their branding without needing to use CSS.

Landing Site

• • •

I was tasked with designing a new landing site for the /places/new page at BeerMenus. This is where new businesses sign up to join BeerMenus so we wanted to incorporate product information as well as testimonials. Our goal was to increase the conversion rate on the landing page and the percentage of trialers who add 15+ beers to their page.