Blue Dog

Blue Dog is a premier, daily dog walking service based in San Francisco, California, cleverly named after the owner’s yellow lab, Blue. They offer small pack sizes with on-leash, GPS tracked walks for dogs of all ages and sizes.

My responsibilities have included:

Brand Design

• • •

In doing brand discovery work, we came up with brand words that we wanted to shape our design around: elegant, playful, minimal, and trusted. I used these words to guide our typography and color palette selections, logo designs, and copywriting. By combining the calming and trusting blue colors (which were also pulled from the business name) with playful photography, we were able to pull together a balance of simple and elegant, yet playful.

Website Design

• • •

Fun fact: Blue Dog (as it’s known today) wasn’t always Blue Dog. It used to have a different name, website, branding, etc. Because we were starting entirely from scratch, I had a few goals for the new website:

  • make it easy to maintain – this meant opting to use Squarespace instead of WordPress as it would be easier to maintain and update.
  • streamline and create better organization for the information – creating dedicated pages for pricing, contact, etc. instead of allowing them to live all on one page.
  • match the client list – Blue Dog is known as a premium dog walking service and I wanted the site to reflect that through a clean + modern design.
Collateral Design

• • •

Business & Referral Cards

Given the frequent change in staff, I knew custom printed business cards with the walker’s name weren’t an option. Instead, I opted for a design that left space for the employee to write in their name, allowing them to present themselves in a professional manner to potential future clients. I also created dedicated referral cards for our clients so they could get credit for their friends and family signing up with Blue Dog. This update helped significantly in streamlining referrals.


In 2016, Blue Dog teamed up with VetPronto to become the primary pet care provider for tenants living at Channel Mission Bay. Upon moving in, tenants were presented with a packet including deals and discounts. I designed a postcard for the pet care services provided by VetCo and Blue Dog.


• • •

When the team of walkers and assistant managers were out and about, we wanted them to have a go-to uniform so that they represented the company in a professional manner. Knowing the nature of the job, we designed a simple (easy-to-wash) t-shirt with the Blue Dog logo on a light gray tee (easy to hide muddy dog paws).

Additionally, I designed ID badges for the walkers as many of the high rise condo buildings required ID for non-tenants accessing apartments. By having them on a detachable lanyard, it made it easy for the walkers to unclip them and present the ID to the front desk.