Dr. Jon

Dr. Jon is a chiropractor and wellness advocate. He serves his local community of Las Vegas, Nevada with chiropractic services and his online community with wellness coaching and weekly podcast, The Wellness Cafe Podcast.

My responsibilities have included:

Brand Design

• • •

Dr. Jon’s approach to wellness inspired me to create this 3-layer stacking mandala-inspired logo. The three layers represent the facets of his business (podcast, coaching, and blog).

Collateral Design

• • •

Dr. Jon wanted his podcast to have its own visual design. With that in mind, I pulled in colors that would complement his branding, used the same typography, and the cover art graphic and episode art template.

Website Design

• • •

Because Dr. Jon’s approach to wellness is holistic, I wanted to make sure that his chiropractic website coordinated with his other branding and designs. With that in mind, I created an easy-to-maintain site on Squarespace with complementing color palette and aesthetics.