Mindful + Whole

Mindful + Whole is female-owned business from Portland, Oregon (that I co-founded!). They’re on a mission to teach others how live with intention through their one-on-one coaching services, blog, and speaking engagements.

My responsibilities have included:

Brand Design

• • •

Mickey and I had a very clear vision of what our brand would be from the very beginning. In doing our brand discovery work, we were able to nail down some tone words (minimal, organic, approachable, and inviting). We were both drawn to clean lines but wanted our logo to incorporate a mandala to represent our holistic approach to living with intention.

Website Design

• • •

Mindful + Whole’s introduction to the world was via professional organizing but quickly grew to incorporate other services, a blog, speaking, and events. Housing all of that in one location required some careful organization (see what I did there?). Keeping with the minimal and organic theme, I left plenty of white space and room for beautiful photography to shine through.

Collateral Design

• • •

Business Cards

Mindful + Whole has a commitment to sustainability and creating a low-impact on the environment. For that reason, these ‘business cards’ were actually stamps that were stamped onto the plain sides of recycled cardboard pieces and cardstock. Because of that, the design is only one-sided!


I designed these flyers for us to pass out to our local community in Portland, Oregon when we first started Mindful + Whole. They helped our community quickly understand what we offered and how to get in touch.

Presentation Design

• • •

This slide deck was created to support a presentation my business partner, Mickey, and I gave at Rose Villa.